When a Shirt is Not Just a Shirt

I mentioned previously that last school year was rough.  No, I mean really rough.  The kind of year where you seriously question your career choice.  When the ‘Help Wanted’ sign as you walk into Target starts to look like a very good option.  It was the toughest 179 days I’ve ever done (we had one ‘bad weather’ day, but who’s counting?). 

Summer was a precious reprieve.  It was a time to reflect on the past year, to rest and rejuvenate, and to actively look into other career opportunities. 

One day I received a phone call from someone at the school asking my shirt size.  I promptly asked whether it was for a polo or a t-shirt.  Like it mattered.  I felt like one of those kids in the spelling bee, stalling for time–“Can I have a definition, please?”

I finally answered, giving the appropriate information, and then immediately forgot about it.  On the first day of pre-school, we were presented with a tote bag of information and goodies, including a t-shirt featuring the school mascot and the words, ‘United We Learn’.  It was a little cheesy, but a nice gesture nonetheless. 

For Friday of the first week of school, the principal, who’d purchased the shirts himself, asked for everyone to wear them, kind of a Spirit Day.  After dismissal, everyone gathered in the cafeteria for a group picture.  I watched as people trickled in from their various duty assignments and I saw something I hadn’t seen at work in a long time.  Smiles.  Lots of them.  And laughter. People were happy and they felt a sense of belonging and of family.

Sometimes a shirt is just a shirt.  Sometimes it’s more than that.

United we learn

Some of the hardest-working people you will ever meet anywhere.


3 thoughts on “When a Shirt is Not Just a Shirt

  1. One of my schools has a similar tradition and it does feel special to belong to such an amazing group of folks. Even if most of them are still actively looking into other careers. 🙂 And where are you in that photo, Not-Ms-Beadle? Thanks for sharing.


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