So Happy Someone Has It All Figured Out!

You know, snark just doesn’t translate satisfactorily through text.

This article was shared on Facebook by Just Let Me Teach.  It’s from The Onion.  It’s funny because it mocks the typical kinds of things proposed by those so far out of ‘the know’ that the light from ‘the know’ would take a thousand years to reach them (Thank you, Mr. R., for the description!).,36919/

My personal favorite is the fourth suggestion: Maybe get some underprepared, overconfident recent college graduates in there to figure things out.  That made me laugh out loud, perhaps because once upon a time, I was that person.  When I think back on my first year of teaching, it’s a marvel that none of those parents slapped me silly.  I was an idiot.

The thing about education is, everyone’s been to school.  Therefore, everyone feels like an expert on how education should be done.  And they feel entitled to enlighten those of us in the trenches day in and day out with their armchair expertise.

To repeat an oft-quoted line from my favorite show: You know nothing, Jon Snow.

I’m not Miss Beadle.


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