Just Between Us…


I’m about to lay some top secret information on you.  You’ve got to keep this quiet, though.  Every once in a while, a kid tells you something and asks you to keep it confidential.  I recently received two highly sensitive pieces of information from the same kid.

One day last week, Bless His Little Heart announced to me that he speaks Jamaican.

“Oh?” I queried.  “Say something to me in Jamaican.”

“Que pasa!” he replied proudly.

Highly impressed, I passed along his linguistic prowess to his teacher, Witty Colleague, who happens to be bilingual herself.  She, of course, was greatly appreciative of this news and so reciprocated, sharing some amazing intelligence of her own.

It seems that little dude laid some very delicate information on her as well.

“Mrs. Witty Colleague, can I tell you a secret?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Don’t tell anyone I’m Kid Danger.  Promise?” he asked.

“Okay, I promise,” Witty replied.

I shall henceforth refer to this little dude as Kid Danger.  For obvious reasons.

So, I’m serious.  Y’all keep this on the down low.  Don’t make me hunt you down!


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