Well That’s One Way to Do It

My girl Witty Colleague had a day on Friday.  You know the kind.  The kind where Murphy’s Law prevails.

It ended with a bang, too.  It seems that one of her sweet little munchkins took exception to having his color changed to Yellow in his agenda.  You see, we use a color system to communicate with parents on a daily basis regarding the behavior of their children.  Green indicates a Good day.  Some teachers, Witty included, utilize a system whereby a kid can actually move up from Good to Great.  The opposite is also true; if your day is less than stellar, you can move down to Yellow, Orange, Blue, or even (duh-duh-DUH) Red.

At any rate, I don’t really know what infraction led to such a traumatic life event for poor little dude, but I knew things were not going well when I saw him being walked down the sidewalk, kicking and screaming, by our Behavioral Intervention Specialist.  He’s great at what he does.  He’s like the kid whisperer, deescalating tense situations.  I like to refer to him as The Enforcer.  You can just hear the song, can’t you?

When you have a kid

And he’s flipping out

Who you gonna call?

The Enforcer!

I saw Witty after school.  She reported to me the story of how I came to see little dude being escorted away from her room.  He’d received Yellow in his agenda, which, all things considered, isn’t really that bad.  I mean, you can’t expect to hit it out of the park every day.  And, every day is a brand new day.  So, lighten up, Buttercup.

But then I heard the cherry on top.  According to Witty, after she marked his color Yellow, little dude proceeded to tear out the offending page and eat it.

He freakin’ ate the page. 

Just when you thought you’d heard everything…


2 thoughts on “Well That’s One Way to Do It

  1. There have to be some serious anger issues at play here when you think about it. Why does such a relatively small consequence evoke such an extreme reaction? I mean, tearing out a page and EATING it?! What IS that?! How can you help such an angry child?


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