I Got Boo’d Today

wpid-20141027_160010.jpgOkay, normally getting boo’d is a bad thing but this was in the best possible way.  I arrived at work this morning at my usual time, which tends to be earlier than most.  I like to have a few quiet moments to get my head into the game.  About forty-five minutes later, EI rolled in, eyes wide.

“There’s something hanging on the door,” she whispered.

“What is it?” I asked, half-expecting that some ill-mannered miscreant had there expectorated some noxious bodily gel or other.

EI reached outside and drew in a gift bag containing the treats you see in the photo along with an explanatory  note.  I had been Boo’d.  Some mysterious colleague had chosen me as a recipient of today’s treat.  There was also a small sign to post on my door indicating that I have been Boo’d.  I am, in turn, to create two copies of the note, fill two bags with treats, and choose two colleagues who have not yet been Boo’d.

Can I just say that I love getting Boo’d?  Mondays have their own brand of suck-itude and I can’t think of a nicer way to ease into the week.  As for my mysterious colleague?  Who but my girl Miz O Postrophe would know that Twix are my favorite?  And precious few people know my ‘saltines’ story, I’ll keep it that way, thank you very much.

Now…who am I going to Boo?


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