So I’ve Noticed


Kids are all different.  Some are sweet, some are smart, some are cute, some are adventurous.

I’m a fan of curious kids, those who genuinely want to know more.  About everything.  Often they are not the most well-behaved.  But that’s okay.

I’ve had kids who were too good for their own good.  Do you know the ones I mean?  I’ve found myself silently urging them to bust out and do something outrageous, just for kicks. It’s alright.  The world doesn’t end if you get into a little trouble now and then.

Then there are the un-lovely kids.  The ones who fight you every step of the way.  The ones who seem to believe their mission in life to to make your life miserable.  The ones you really don’t like, and you count the days until they’re someone else’s problem.

And they are the ones who need the most love.

There’s always a reason for the way they are.  I want to be the kind of teacher who keeps that in mind.  I don’t always succeed.  But hopefully, I win more than I lose.  It’s good to know that every day is a brand new chance.



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