Congratulations, Spunky Bride

There’s a pre-service teacher (that’s an education major who hasn’t yet finished her degree) at my school who is in her second year of long-term subbing. Last year, she taught first grade the entire year for a colleague out on medical leave. All this year she’s the long-term sub for a second grade teacher out on maternity leave.

She’s a fabulous teacher. She’s dealt with spawn of Satan children, nasty parents, condescending coworkers, and shifting curriculum, and she’s done it with creativity and passion. Several of us have lobbied to have her student teaching waived since she’s run her own classroom independently for going on two years.

Last December, in the middle of the holiday boat parade no less, her long time boyfriend proposed and they’ve planned a June wedding.


So my girl Spunky Bride is going to be on Say Yes to the Dress tonight. I’ll be firing up the popcorn and pouring the wine. We’re so thrilled for her. It couldn’t happen to a nicer person.


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