Why Witty Is A Better Teacher Than I Am

We all work hard at our school.  No ground is ever gained without tons of effort.  We try to come up with innovative ways to encourage our compact constituents be where they should be, doing what they should be doing.  There are lots of ways to reward good choices.

In first grade, we all do some sort of color system to give feedback on behavior.  We also use Class Dojo, a computer point system on which I will elaborate in a future post.  I like to give small treats on Fridays to reward kids who’ve behaved themselves all week long.  Occasionally, kids earn a trip to the Treasure Box in my room.

LunchClipart1Let me tell you why Witty Colleague is a better teacher than I am.  Witty allows kids to accumulate points for prizes.  For a handful of points, a kid can shop her Treasure Box.  For more points, there are bigger prizes.  It turns out that her biggest reward, the one for which kids will bypass erasers, pencils, and even small toys in order to save up enough points, is having Lunch With the Teacher. 

Yes, in exchange for 200 points, a kid can have lunch with Witty.  She voluntarily gives up her kid-free lunch period to take her young friends to a picnic table outside where they discuss the vagaries of Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, and My Little Pony over the exotic gastronomic offerings of the school cafeteria.

Giving up lunch.  Now that’s commitment.  And why I will never be as amazing as Witty.



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