Zero at 60

Zero the Hero made his sixth visit to the OK Corral this week.  He brought each young scholar sixty pieces of Indian corn (or, if you prefer, Native American corn).  We were instructed via his regular e-mail message to count them by ones, twos, fives, and tens.  He then provided us with a coloring page featuring an ear of corn, telling us to glue the bits of corn to the page and decorate it accordingly so that we could display our Indian corn in our classroom.  Afterwards, we were to write about the whole shebang in our Zero the Hero Journals.  By the way, Precious Precocious  dissolved into gales of laughter at my use of the word ‘shebang’ and will probably be incorporating it into her extensive vocabulary.

You may be wondering where Zero found the Indian corn.  I’ll let you in on a little secret but you can’t tell anyone.  It’s popcorn dyed with food coloring.  Many thanks to Miz O Postrophe who suggested putting out community puddles of glue on pieces of cardstock and giving each young scholar his or her own cotton swab to use to apply the glue to their papers.


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