Zero at 80

wpid-20141217_070938-1.jpgOn our last week of school before a two week holiday break, we celebrated our 80th day of school.  Our good friend Zero the Hero brought each of us 80 jelly beans.  As usual, his email message instructed us to count our jelly beans by ones, twos, fives, and tens.  After counting, we were to write about our jelly beans in our Zero the Hero Journals, enjoying our jelly beans as we wrote.

Today for the first time, and keep in mind this is Zero’s eighth visit, a lightbulb went off for one of my friends.  “Hey, this is math!” exclaimed Princess Nastypants.  And thank you for playing along, I thought but didn’t say.

Confession: Normally for the 80th day, Zero the Hero brings red and white beads that we string on a long pipe cleaner.  When we bend them it makes a cute candy cane Christmas tree ornament.  But Zero was out of money right here before Christmas, so we had to just make do.

Wait until the 90th day.  Zero the Hero will share a brilliant fun fact.  Until then…


2 thoughts on “Zero at 80

  1. There are so many ways to make learning enjoyable. It’s a shame that we’ve gotten so taken up with paperwork, political correctness, and ongoing discipline problems that the fun gets lost. I’m glad there are still teachers who can pop a little bit of it back into the lessons.

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    • It IS hard sometimes. I’m thankful for administrators who know that I know what I’m doing and leave me alone most of the time. I keep that in mind when I consider changing schools. Besides…my kids are six and seven years old–learning should be fun. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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