Now We’re Cooking–A Holiday Tradition

We’ve gotten a lot of rave reviews for this year’s edition of the OK Corral’s holiday classic, Now We’re Cooking, our annual collection of recipes as told by first graders. Something to keep in mind about first graders: No matter the question you ask them, they will always come up with an answer.  It’s just how they’re wired.

During the month of December, I call each kid to my reading table and have them dictate to me their favorite recipe for our ‘top secret project.’  Typically, every family in the class receives a copy, as does our school principal, assistant principal, and this year, the violin teacher.

In rereading it today, I discovered some gems that I want pass along.

First up is my friend W’s recipe for Hot Dogs.

Me: Now let’s suppose we’re going to make hot dogs.  We go to the grocery store, get our cart, and start putting in the things we need to make them.  What’s the first thing we need?

W: First we need a big wiener.

(I cannot tell a lie.  I snickered like a third grader.)

W went on to say that we also needed ketchup and a bun.

Me: Assuming that we purchased the necessary ingredients, how do we make hot dogs?

W’s instructions are as follows:

  1. Cut the wiener into shape-es.
  2. Put it in the stuff.
  3. Put it in the microwave for like one minute.
  4. Put ketchup on it.
  5. Blow it.  (I might have snickered again.)
  6. Get the plate and put it on there.
  7. Eat it.

FYI, W’s recipe for hot dogs serves one person.  The more you know…


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