Five Fascinating Facts about Dr Seuss

Here are some interesting ‘fun facts’ about Dr. Seuss. I’m reblogging this article from Interesting Literature in honor of his birthday. We celebrated today in the O.K. Corral. Stay tuned for that post. Until then, Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Interesting Literature

Five fun facts about Dr Seuss – or Theodor Seuss Geisel, to give him his full name

1. His first book was rejected by over 20 publishers. Dr Seuss got the idea for his first work, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, from listening to the rhythmic sound of a ship’s engine. The book was reportedly rejected by anything between 20 an 43 publishers (the author’s own account of the number varied) before it was accepted for publication by Vanguard Press in 1937. His books have gone on to sell over half a billion copies worldwide, making him one of the biggest-selling children’s authors in the world.

2. Dr Seuss included the word ‘contraceptive’ in a draft of his children’s book Hop on Pop to make sure his publisher was paying attention. The original draft of the book contains these lines: ‘When I read I am

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Kids Are Weird

Because there’s more than one way to skin a cat…

I'm Not Miss Beadle

It’s a universal truth. In Game of Thrones speak, It is known.

Just when you think you have them figured out, wham, they come up with something new.

Case in point, The Saga of the Brown Chair.

Once upon a time, Mrs. R. had about twenty kid-sized chairs in her classroom, just enough for her class. Being fairly unobservant about nonessential matters, she didn’t notice that nineteen chairs were an ugly not-exactly-red color while the remaining chair was a rather poopy-brown.

image Can you spot the much sought-after throne?

Wouldn’t you know it, poopy-brown is the one over which my firsties fight day after ever-loving day?

So, thank God we make them wear uniforms so they’re all the same. Something tells me they’ll always find a way to be different.

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Congratulations, Spunky Bride

There’s a pre-service teacher (that’s an education major who hasn’t yet finished her degree) at my school who is in her second year of long-term subbing. Last year, she taught first grade the entire year for a colleague out on medical leave. All this year she’s the long-term sub for a second grade teacher out on maternity leave.

She’s a fabulous teacher. She’s dealt with spawn of Satan children, nasty parents, condescending coworkers, and shifting curriculum, and she’s done it with creativity and passion. Several of us have lobbied to have her student teaching waived since she’s run her own classroom independently for going on two years.

Last December, in the middle of the holiday boat parade no less, her long time boyfriend proposed and they’ve planned a June wedding.


So my girl Spunky Bride is going to be on Say Yes to the Dress tonight. I’ll be firing up the popcorn and pouring the wine. We’re so thrilled for her. It couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

10 Reasons I Appreciate Teachers or…

This is my new favorite post! Enjoy…

Clothed with Joy

Why You Couldn’t Pay Me Enough to Teach in School

10 teacherz

1. Stinky Children. Have you smelled a child’s breath in the morning? Do you know where those hands have been? I do. I know these smells All. Too. Well, my friends. I live with children. I know what they smell like. It’s not good. If I get 50% of my children to brush their teeth on a given morning – it’s a GOOD day. Poor, poor teachers. I deeply apologize.

2. Interruptions. I’ve taught enough small children over the years to realize that it is nearly impossible to get through anything without being interrupted. In fact, I have my own children to prove this theory. This morning as we were getting ready to leave for school I said, “Ok, everyone be quiet, we’re going to pray.” Just like we do every morning. As I take a deep breath and my lips…

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This Is Not Cupcake Camp

In first grade, we’re all about tens and ones these days. Understand, when you’re six or seven it’s a very complex concept. I mean, you’re still getting used to the idea that we always read from left to right. So next you find out that the placement of numbers matters, too? Oh, man, it’s a whole thing.

Enter Teacher Tipster. I defy you to watch this video and not wish for a moment to be a six-year-old in this guy’s class.

I gotta get me to the dollar store.