Missed It By This Much


We’re blessed in many ways to live where we do.  Obviously, we have great weather almost all the time.  People save all their lives to vacation here.  We probably take a lot for granted. 

One of the cool things we have going for us is a world-class performing arts center.  They offer the students of the county some terrific programming in the form of the STARS series, the Students & Teachers Arts Resource Series.   Every year diverse performing arts programs are offered for students of all ages, pre-K through high school.  Even better than that is their commitment to providing these programs free of charge to students in need.  If a kid qualifies for free or reduced-cost lunch, they are admitted free to these shows.  That’s 94% of the students at our school. 

The show are really good, too.  For example, the Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia puts on a really amazing show using a very “innovative type of puppetry” (trying to come up with an adequate description, I stole this off their website) to dramatize popular children’s literature.  One year we saw their Leo Lionni show, and they’ve also done Eric Carle,  This year’s show is Stella, Queen of the Snow.  (Just FYI, they’re on Word Press.  http://mermaidtheatre.wordpress.com/ )

So today was the day for teachers to call to order tickets to these shows.  Generally speaking, you pick your first, second, and third choices, keeping them in mind should you actually get through.  It should come as no surprise that this is a highly competitive task.  The phones opened up at 9:30.  My entire first grade team was on the phone trying to get tickets for the whole grade level for over an hour.  We’re talking about making over 200 attempts per teacher to get through.  A couple of us actually spoke to someone, but by that time any shows we were interested in had two seats available here, three seats available there, absolutely not enough for about 125 students and chaperones. 

Rubbing salt into the wound were photos posted on Facebook of some of our colleagues from other grade levels who went to wait outside the performing arts center at 4:00 am.  I didn’t hear for sure, but they probably got tickets.  So what have we learned?

Next time, we’re not going to show up to wait on line at 3:00 am.  Here’s my plan: Not a stone’s throw away from the place, there’s a club that’s open until 4:00 am.  We’ll go there, hang out dancing and drinking, then stagger on over to the performing arts center, picking up some french fries from the 24-hour place along the way.  We’ll sit in front of the ticket window, munch fries, and sober up while we wait for them to open.  Boom!

I’m not Miss Beadle.