The Joy Of The Holidays

My favorite version of my favorite Christmas song.  Watch for the pop-up kids.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas from I’m Not Miss Beadle.


Last Day


It’s the last day before the Winter Holiday and my colleagues have been very sweet. Here’s a sampling of the kind gifts and cards. It’s nice to work with folks who are so thoughtful.

It almost makes me wish the break was over.


Happy holidays!

Holiday Event At The OK Corral

The OK Corral was filled with excitement this week.  Even Enthusiastic Intern, who finished up a couple of weeks ago, returned for the festivities.  Santa and his elves visited bringing games, activities, and of course, gifts.

Santa and his elves were actually the Future Business Leaders of America from the local high school.  Early in the school year they obtained class rosters for kindergarten through second grade at our school.  High school students “adopted” each kid and purchased toys and clothes especially for them.

Initially a team of five teenagers came in and provided games and activities for the kids.  “They’re all elf-es,” observed one of my friends.  One game involved tossing a bean bag toward a target to score points.  The winning team was given little prizes.  They also played a holiday bingo game.  The craft they did was to make gingerbread man cards.  The cards were already cut out and the kids were given stickers to decorate them.  Another of my friends placed circle stickers for eyes on hers and showed it to her table.  “Look!  I made The Walking Dead!”  Sigh.

To say that the kids love their gifts would be an understatement.  When they opened the presents the room was filled with squeals of delight, and they loved the clothes as much as the toys.  One notable exception was Princess Nastypants.  She received a genuine Barbie, not a cheapie knock-off, but she was looking at it like it was stink.  “What’s wrong,” I asked.  “I don’t like it,” she said.  “Well maybe we should give it back to Santa and let him give it to another little girl,” I told her, with not a little irritation.  But apparently she’d already told an elf and as I was speaking to Princess, the elf traded out the Barbie for a baby doll which she did like.  I also saw her demand to trade her green gingerbread man for red.  Grr.

That little hiccup aside, it was a great time.  The joy on the kids’ faces is absolutely priceless.  I also like to see the little kids interacting with the big ones.  You hear a lot of negativity about teenagers these days.  These kids from FBLA are terrific.  Their visit is one of the highlights of my year.