Respect the Zero

Tomorrow is Day 10 of school, time for this year’s first visit from Zero the Hero. 

Zero the Hero visits every tenth day of school and he always leaves things for the kids to count.    He ‘e-mails’ us to tell us what he’s left for us and instructs us to count them by ones, twos, fives, and tens.  We then write about it in our Zero the Hero Journals. 

The numeral zero is actually a complex concept.  It represents nothing but it also holds the space so that we don’t get place value mixed up all willy-nilly.  I suppose there are other ways to teach the idea of zero.  But celebrating Zero the Hero is pretty fun.

We’re kind of tight, Zero and I.  Tomorrow he’s bringing everyone ten goldfish crackers.  I’m fairly certain Zero will tell us we can enjoy our goldfish after we count them.  He’s good like that.