Batting A Thousand


Teaching, in my opinion, is more art than science. Don’t get me wrong. Obviously you have to know your content and be skilled in best practices.

But you also have to have game. You have to have almost a sixth sense, reading body language, understanding your kids’ currency.

Engineering a unique classroom culture is vital to team building, and to effective classroom management. To that end, there are quite a few traditions I’ve built into my bag of tricks. 

Friday always brings highly anticipated festivities. One of them is the celebration of the Table Points winners. The seating arrangement for my firsties is two eight-top tables and one row of six. Each table has a name that they chose. All week, tables compete for points by exhibiting good choices, being ready, treating each other kindly, etc. The table with the most points by a certain time on Friday wins. Rather than giving a treat or prize, I like to have a special activity which only that table gets to do.

Today, the Ariel table (aka Isolation Row) came out on top. For their reward, they did a little Halloween art project. It was a simple cut and paste bat, but you would have thought they won the lottery.

It’s good to hang out with little dudes. They remind you that often, less is more.