Brain Breaks

Toward the end of last year, someone introduced me to this terrific website, GoNoodle.  It’s full of short movement videos designed to get kids to be physically active.  Waaaayyy back in the day, I used Hap Palmer LPs (remember those?) to give my kindergartners the chance to get their wiggles out.

When Miz O’Postrophe described the videos on GoNoodle, my initial thought was one of skepticism.  Sure, the kids need a break between the reading block and the math block, but will I really be able to rein them back in after doing Zumba for Kids?  The answer, much to my surprise, was yes.  Not only did they come back together, they were more focused, energized, and ready to participate in the lesson.

To use GoNoodle, just sign up your class.  Then you pick a Champ who grows via the Transmogrifier for every ten videos you complete.  Oh, by the way, they also have awesome compilations for Indoor Recess for those bad weather days when kids need to move.

One can’t-miss video is MooseTube’s Peanut Butter in a Cup.  Sadly, I couldn’t find it on YouTube.  But one of my personal favorites is Maximo, a suave monkey who leads the kids in short yoga routines.  He cracks me up with his mash-up of a Fernando Lamas accent and street slang.

Pop See Koo is one of our favorites around the OK Corral.  I triple dog dare you to watch the video and not have Pop See Koo in your head for the rest of eternity.

I highly recommend GoNoodle Brain Breaks for helping kids get their wiggles out and focus on learning.