Zero at 90

Today was the 90th day of school at the OK Corral, exactly half-way through the instructional year.  Zero the Hero visited, leaving us each 90 Smarties, because we’re 90 days smarter, of course.  He challenged us to count our Smarties by ones, twos, fives, and tens.  Then as we wrote about the experience in our Zero the Hero Journals, we were encouraged to enjoy our Smarties.

wpid-20150114_165222-1.jpgYou may wonder, why Smarties?  Aside from the obvious pun, years ago Zero the Hero discovered a secret:  Smarties come fifteen to a roll.  That means that six rolls makes 90, and Zero doesn’t have to count out 90 Smarties times twenty kids.  Yep, pure genius.

Until the company that makes Smarties decides to save a billion dollars a year by shorting the rolls a couple of pieces.  Then we’re screwed.  But for the time being, 90 is the easiest visit from Zero the Hero.

Well, until Day 100…