If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

We’re back to the salt mines this week after our two-week winter break. Actually, Monday was a Teacher Work Day. It was a rare quiet day to get caught up on all those little tasks you just can’t get to with a passel of short people in the room.  I took the opportunity to replenish our supply baskets at the OK Corral.


Monday afternoon

I’m thinking that if a picture is worth a thousand words, two pictures must be worth twice as many. And a lot of those extra words are probably naughty ones.


48 hours later

I’m not Miss Beadle.


Back For Round Two

The Winter Break is over. No more living like an actual grown-up, staying up late and sleeping in. It’s back to rising at 5:00 every morning.

Today was actually a Teacher Work Day, a day set aside to get geared back up for the students’ return. At the OK Corral, we’re beginning new units in reading, writing, and science. We’re also getting a new Intern.

As I prepared for the week, I decided to restock the supply baskets.


I made sure each basket
has two new boxes of crayons, four black pens, four ‘fix-up’ pens, three pairs of scissors, and three glue sticks.

How long do you suppose that will last?