Fun Friday And Natural Resources

We earned Fun Friday this past week, a rare event at the OK Corral.  Throughout the week, as we travel to lunch and various Fine Arts special classes, we strive to get compliments from those we pass.  Each compliment is one letter as we work to spell ‘Fun Friday.’  My class is actually pretty good this year, it’s just that we have a few wigglers in the bunch, including Tiny Dancer, who rather prances as she perambulates.

I was glad that we earned it this week, and if the truth were told, it could be that I fudged it a little bit, allowing points earned last week to be carried over, which is against the (my) rules.  As a culmination to our study of Natural Resources, we made, and ate, dirt.

wpid-20150116_110346-1.jpg‘Dirt’ is made by topping individually packaged vanilla pudding with chocolate sandwich cookies that have been ground up so that it resembles, well, dirt.  Each student shovels his or her own dirt into their ‘flower pot.’

My favorite part is when I ask each one, “Would you care for a worm in your dirt?”  Inevitably they giggle and nod excitedly.  When everyone had been served, we enjoyed our dirt.

wpid-20150116_112240-1.jpg We had one casualty.  It seems that one of my friends cut her tongue while licking the pudding container.  “It tastes like pennies,” she remarked.  My thoughts were: It’s weird, that’s how they describe the taste of blood in all the books, and, How do you know what pennies taste like?

Beyond that one malfunction, however, Fun Friday was a huge hit and everyone seemed to enjoy their dirt.

wpid-20150116_112335-1.jpgNext Fun Friday idea: Backwards Day.


Bless His Little Heart

I overheard a conversation between one of my dismissal charges and a kindergarten teacher after school today.  He, being a very observant little dude, initiated a bit of a chat when he realized that she had treats. 

“Can I have one?” he asked meekly.

“I don’t know,” she replied.  “How was your day today?”

I smiled privately.  During lunch I’d heard his teacher bemoan the fact that he was in rare form and had been having a spectacularly un-stellar day. 

“I’ve been bad today,” he sheepishly answered, much to my surprise.

The pair struck a bargain wherein if he has a happy face on his agenda tomorrow, she will reserve a treat especially for him.

I’ll be tucking away this little moment so I can pull it out on one of those days.